Fall is here – time to change miso soup

In Japan, the change of the seasons greatly influences the menu. Especially the fall is an exciting time. In some restaurants, they even change the china to match the season.
At Sticks’n’Sushi, we take in this tradition by changing our miso paste to a darker version in the fall and winter seasons.

Miso consists of fermented soybeans, rice, salt and water. There are many variations of miso paste that fall into three basic types: shiro (white), aka (red) and awase (mixed).
Miso is actually more regional than seasonal: in the south, the miso is more sweet and in the north a bit more red.

The miso that we use in these colder days is an aka miso, which is darker and has a bit stronger taste than the shiro miso, we use in the warmer months.

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