Danish organic seaweed


Meet Mette Albrechtsen. Mette is truly a remarkable woman, who has not only taken it on herself to become the first Danish producer of certified organic seaweed – but also to produce the first Danish organic nori sushi sheets. More on that in a later post.

On a small stretch of bay near the town of Ebeltoft in Jylland, Mette is now since early 2016 harvesting the first certified organic seaweed in Denmark. This is where I met her for the first time, on a typical grey Danish summer day.

To me, the label “certified organic” sounds strange. We’re talking about a natural thing growing in the ocean. So why “certified” organic? I was curious to hear Mette what that was all about.


As it turns out, getting certified organic, with a “natural” product like seaweed, is just a complicated as any other product. For example, Mette has to prove that no ships get near the seaweed, who has been painted with paint containing chemicals. Just to mention one the many requirements.

On her small stretch of cost, Mette harvests organic seaweed of all types, from the more normal “bladder-seaweed” to very special types like “spaghetti seaweed”. But common to all of it is, that it’s full of minerals and vitamins.

Seaweed is nothing less of a super-food. The trick is just to make it as delicious as it is healthy. And that’s where restaurants like Sticks’n’Sushi come into the picture.

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