Did you know that a Dane won the Berlin Marathon in the eighties and five Japanese women won six consecutive titles?


You may not know this, but a Danish runner won the Berlin Marathon in 1984. John Skovbjerg won in 2:13:35. And five Japanese runners won the Berlin Marathon six years in a row from 2000-2006!

African runners have since won the marathon in both men and women competions.

But the Danes are now winning in sheer numbers. More than 3,000 runners from Denmark attended the Berlin Marathon 2016! And the Japanese runners are also still an important part of the marathon. They have the best fans on the sideline: “Ganbare! Ganbare!”

In 1984, 8,834 runners started out in a heavy downpour. Nonetheless, 350,000 spectators lined the streets, and there were two unexpected course records: Agnes Sipka of Hungary became the first woman to finish under 2:40 in a time of 2:39:32, and John Skovbjerg, who got away from the German favourite Wolfgang Krüger on the last few kilometres, finished in 2:13:35. But there was a bit of excitement about the Danish champion after the race: Skovbjerg had bent his race number, making it impossible to see the sponsor information, and he was almost disqualified. In the end, he was penalised with a reduction in his prize monies, which by then had reached DM100,000.

And you know what? Our upcoming restaurant is placed right on the route of both the Berlin Marathon and the Berlin Half Marathon on Potsdamer Strasse on the last, tough stretch before the finish at Brandenburger Tor.


We are looking forward to cheering for everybody and serving for all our guests in the coming marathons. Additional tables will be placed on the vacant parking space!

This year’s marathon was won by Aberu Kebede in 2:20:45 and Kenenisa Bekele in 2:03:03. They are both from Ethiopia.

The next Berlin (Half) Marathon is on April 2, 2017. See you there!

Here are some rare video footage from 1984:

A proud, Danish ambassador tweets about the many participants:

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