Exhibition by Japanese artist Kaoru Usukubo in Loock Gallery in Potsdamer Strasse

121213606542_806411866125793_5015364525508757661_n9 July – 27 August 2016

The exhibition of paintings by the Japanese artist Kaoru Usukubo and selected works by the German-Czech artist Hannes Beckmann presents a dialogue of two important oeuvres that will be seen for the first time in Germany. In the genesis of her paintings, Usukubo also uses digital media and engages with our ideas about abstract themes like the past and the future; aspects like time and space of such a large metaphysical scope that our consciousness finds it hard to grasp them. In her fragmentary, collage-like paintings that confront us with situations that cannot be assigned either to reality or completely to a dream world, Usukubo reflects on the functions and mechanisms of our thoughts, memories, and associations.

Read more about the exhibtion here.

LOOCK Galerie
Potsdamer Strasse 63
DE 10785 Berlin
Di- Sa 11- 18 h


contact: info@loock.info
tel: +49-30- 39 40 96 85 0

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