Award winning Berlin blogger writes book about the refugee situation in Calais


The Berlin based blogger and street worker Hammed Khamis visited the notorious refugee camp in Calais several times. Previously he was a member of a youth gang in Osnabrück. In his new book “I am not animal”, he writes about the slum, the deadly escape routes, a scar on the neck and genuine friendship.

You can read the award winning blog that eventually became a full book here.

Read a new interview with Hammed Khamis in Zitty here  and on NDR here [In German].

Früher sind Sie Lamborghini und Porsche gefahren. Jetzt besitzen Sie gar kein Auto mehr. Haben Sie denn nie Sehnsucht nach dem alten Lamborghini-Leben? Aber dann hast du auch die Lamborghini-Freunde. Die Fahrrad-Freunde sind besser! Wenn einer auch bei dir ist, wenn du gar nichts hast, weißt du: Der ist dein Freund.

You can buy the new book ‘ I am not animal’ as printed book here and as an e-book here.

Hammed Khamis previously released the book ‘Ansichten eines Banditen’ about his life as a former criminal. You can buy the e-book here.

Note: we plan to have 10 copies for guests and staff available for borrowing at the restaurant. Also, we plan to invite Hammed Khamis to read from his book in our upcoming event space in Berlin.



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